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Multifunctional Nail Brush (Dark Green)

Ref.: CM064

①Nail Art Brush

②Light Therapy Flat Head Brush

③Checkered brush

④Daisy brush

⑤Omber Brush

⑥Nail Liner Brush

⑦Nail Carved brush

⑧Crystal Brush

⑨Nail Gradient Brush

⑩Light Therapy Round Head Brush

⑪Painting Flower brush

⑫Fan Paint Brush


  • Color: Dark Green
  • Brand: Susfora
  • Material: Metal with handle + Nylon with head
  • The brush is flexible and the strokes are delicate
  • Suitable for all kinds of painting ideas
  • Independent Protection: Each brush has an independent protection cover to prevent furcation
  • Easy to Clean: Can be cleaned up and will not leave nail polish residue
  • The set can be combined freely, and the handle can be customized
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